euclid laboratories

Euclid laboratories started as a garage laboratory in 1960 by Tom Bales, Steve Loomis, and Peter Timbe.  These seventh- and eighth-graders thought euclid laboratories seemed like an auspicious name for a lab that happened to be located on Euclid Avenue, at Steve’s house.  It’s been a long time since the three boys worked together on perpetual-motion machines and rocket engines, but Tom has continued the lab’s tradition of working on things “not well understood.”  The lab was incorporated in the State of Florida in 1995.  euclid’s staff consists of Gregory, Maxwell, and William Bales, Connie Ryan, and Tom Bales. 
The development of the technology and physical instrumentation for the ERGO Energetic Ray Global Observatory is being done for Symbiosis Foundation by euclid laboratories on a pro-bono basis.